Jeremy Gonzalez

Hello! My name is Jeremy Gonzalez. This website has evolved ever since I first started building websites in the late nineties -- I still remember my first geocities account. I’ve changed things up every so often with the disclaimer that resembled some form of “new site, not finished, coming soon…” I’m not sure it has ever been finished, but this was always a creative outlet for me. Most recently it became a portfolio site, but with the creation of instagram it seems futile to keep this updated. Instead, this is my legacy space on the internet to do as little or as much as I’d like.

So what is it that I do? For a living, I am programmer. I build websites and custom web-based applications for a variety of clients. For fun...I take pictures, write, draw, make music, and run a local art collaborative that produces magazines, art shows, and all sorts of other projects with the intent of contributing to a strong creative community here in my own town. I believe strongly in treating people right, and using whatever time and resources I have in making a positive impact in whatever ways I can, no matter how big or small. Hopefully I am succeeding in that department. Otherwise, I am just living day to day, seeing where it all takes me. This concludes my message for my new old site from the year 2018.

If you’d like to follow me on one of my currently relevant social media outlets click on one of these links: @jermzv2 @noimagephotography @projectoh